There are special things about summer in St. Louis – family gatherings, great local foods, and cold beverages all to be enjoyed listening to the hometown baseball game.

Stan Musial enjoyed these as much as anyone, and a favorite pastime was to sit outside on his patio, near the pool and grill for the family. Every Christmas, a friend of Stan’s would send him a case of maple syrup. Not knowing what to do with so much syrup, Stan’s wife Lil made a recipe for barbeque sauce that included maple syrup along with other spices. The family enjoyed it so much it was used for gatherings ever since.

The Musial Family wants to share their favorite sauce and memories with Stan’s friends and fans. #6 Barbeque sauce has a hint of sweetness along with a spicy kick. The taste is truly unique and great on outdoor grill favorites like ribs (Stan’s favorite), pork steaks, or brats.
Stan the Man BBQ

Stan donated to a number of local charities and was very involved in the St. Louis community. To continue this legacy, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the St. Louis Area Foodbank.

Buy online today and enjoy Stan's Original BBQ sauce at your home or for a gift. Each order contains 2 18 oz jars

Stan the Man BBQ