Baseball Life

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    Stan from early in his career playing the field.

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    Stan’s unique stance and “corkscrew” swing were a bit unorthodox, but with a .331 lifetime batting average were very effective!

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    The headline from this article in the local St. Louis paper announces that Stan hit 5 home runs in a double header in 1 day…not a bad day!

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    Stan was known for being very accessible to his fans, especially the kids that would come out to the ball park. This print, from the Saturday Evening Post, captures that bond between player and his fans.

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    Stan is shown in this picture with other contemporary great’s from the Dodgers and Yankees

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    Near the latter part of his career, Stan meets with John Kennedy after an All Star game.

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    On the day he retired in St. Louis, Stan celebrates his career and accomplishments with the fans of St. Louis.

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    After he retired, the iconic statue of Stan at bat was unveiled at Busch Stadium . The statue is engraved “Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior, here stand’s baseball’s perfect knight”.  The statue is known as a gathering place for fans to meet before that game, at both the original and current Busch Stadiums.

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    Stan’s wife Lil would accompany him to most of the home games while he played, and continued to attend games with him throughout their lives.

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    Stan appeared at Busch Stadium for celebrations such as opening day or to throw out the first pitch well into his 80’s. He’s shown here with a grandson and several of the Cardinal’s Hall of Famer’s.